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The Services that we offer can be contracted on an hourly rate. Our discount pass through on our dealer pricing only applies to long-term agreements and relationships. As with any services, the higher the minimum number of contracted hours, the lower the overall hourly rate. The same applies to larger jobs, the higher the number of overall hours, the lower the rate.

We charge for our services based on the time that it takes to do the project and the type of staff and equipment required to accomplish each job.

On larger jobs, there is a required project management fee. This ensures that progress reports, meetings, problem resolutions, deliverables by clients and third parties, and control follow up is accomplished and accounted for in the overall project.

We charge for materials. Where possible we do pass through pricing or charge you for design / recommendation time and give you the information necessary to purchase the equipment. On all equipment purchases we require upfront payment.

We charge for our time. We have different rates that apply when we work off site or meet at your office or third party location. Our in-house rates are lower than off site. At some times we may include a trip charge. This is a fixed rate and factors in the costs (gas, mileage, tolls) to get there and the trip time.

Our overall method for processing a job is to utilize job sheets. These job sheets, for internal use, are coded and detailed to reflect work that was done plus materials used. We bill from these job sheets and utilize punch clocks and DB task recorder for knotting work progress. Our invoice utilizes this information along with descriptions.

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